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Buying Your Own Foosball Table

The following article discusses things to consider if your in the market to purchase a foosball table.  This information isn't limited to the game tables available through, instead, you can consider it as a resource when your shopping for foosball tables at either online or offline merchants. 

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I recommend that you don't just arrive at a store and pick out the first table that catches your eye. There are a few issues that need considerable attention when looking for a foosball table. The following guide can help you get the best foosball table, one that is tailored for you and will give you maximum enjoyment for years to come.
1. Foosball Players
The people that must be first consulted when it comes to the best foosball table are the people that will be playing with the table. Do they have specific preferences? If it's you who's going to be the most frequent player on that table, then you should list what you want with your table. Start with your favorite color. If its not you who's going to play the most foosball, then next consider the players' height, age and hand strength level.
2. Safety Concerns
As you would imagine, it will likely be your children who will mostly use the foosball table. Therefore, safety should be one of the major considerations you have. There are tables with traditional solid rods that go through the sidewalls. These can poke the childrens faces if they are not that tall. Telescopic rods are more advised since they are safer to use and they can also be maneuvered more easily.
3. Feel of Play
Also known as playability or how easily the players can maneuver the rods and play figures to efficiently control the movements of the ball in successfully obstructing the defense of the other player. These can be manipulated through the different design details:
- gap between the playing field and the tip of the foot - footshape and its front and back and its both sides surface - weight of the rods - markers on the pitch - ease of gripping the handles - lubrication - coverage overlap of the playing figures - field and ball surface - ball material
4. User-Friendliness
There are other indispensable foosball table features that should provide more ease for the players:
Figures balanced weight - They should be placed easily in a horizontal position so that their feet do not block the shots from the back field.
Does the field side slopes on all corners - This will allow the ball to roll off towards the center to make the ball not get stuck on the side.
Sturdiness of the Table and the Durability of the Parts.
How will you enjoy playing with the foosball table if it is easily damaged or if the table is rocking while you are playing?
Aesthetic Impact - Never buy a foosball table just to have something entertaining in your house. It should be a distinct artistic centerpiece in your game room. The style and paint color of the room you are planning to embellish with a foosball table should be given some thought.
5. Budget
Setting a budget will further encourage you to look for the best deal when it comes to looking for that quality foosball table. Shopping around will be one of the best way to get more from your money. Don't be fooled by brands. Research more on the foosball table that catches your eye and that agrees with your budget.
6. Resell Value
If you are buying one foosball table in the hope that in the near future you can resell it at a higher price, you will surely not opt for the lower end types of these game tables. You should consider consulting Auction sites, like Ebay and foosball table sellers to be better armed if you are planning to resell your foosball table. offers a wide variety of game and billiards tables and dartboards to help you create a great game room.  You can also find discount bar stools, billiards tables and accessories at

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