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How to buy a swivel type bar stool

The following article discusses how to buy a swivel bar stool., has a wide selection of swivel bar stools.  Please use this article as a resource to be used while you're shopping for your bar stools.
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If you're thinking of getting some new bar stools for your rec room, then ones with swivel seats are a good option. Swivel seats are designed with comfort and convenience in mind, making it easier to get on and off the stool. They're ideal for social occasions too as you can easily turn round to talk to people behind you without having to lose your comfy seat. They're also great for everyday relaxing. For instance, you can sit at your bar and enjoy a bite to eat and then effortlessly turn round to watch TV.

Swivel bar stools come in all kinds of styles, including with or without backrests and arms, with solid or cushioned seats, and with a choice of upholstery. The frames can be made from either wood or metal, and there's a huge range of traditional and contemporary styles to suit whatever décor theme you've got in your rec room.

The type of swivel mechanism varies too. Usually a swivel stool will rotate all the way round through 360 degrees. However, some designs have what's called a memory return mechanism that means the seat turns only a certain amount in either direction and automatically turns back to its original position. This is a good feature to have if your stools have backs and you want them to stay facing the bar when you're not using them. It also stops your kids (or childish adults) from wearing out the swivel by spinning round and round!
Something you may not have thought of is to check the space available in your room before buying swivel stools with backs. You'll want to make sure the backrests (or arms) don't bump into the bar or other furniture when they rotate. Backless swivel bar stools might be the best option, as they take up less space and fit under the counter when not in use. Whatever style you choose, remember to allow a gap of around 12" between the top of your seats and the bar, for maximum comfort.

Another important thing to check is the height of your bar. If it's taller than 44" you'll need to buy extra tall swivel bar stools. There isn't so much choice of taller stools, but you should still be able to find something suitable. If your countertop is shorter than a regular bar, you'll need to get counter height stools, which are widely available (they're often used in kitchens).
If you enjoy entertaining and relaxing in your rec room (and who doesn't?), then bar stools with swivel seats provide a great seating arrangement. Check out for a good selection of stools at bargain prices.
Coupled with neon signs and a wooden home bar, swivel bar stools can give your rec room or billiards room just the right appearance to make it the perfect place to relax and hang out. offers great rec room ideas, including billiards tables, dartboards and a wide selection of bar stools and home bars.

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