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Setting up The Perfect Billiards Room

The following article discusses how to set up an at home billiards room.  This information isn't limited to the billiards supplies through, instead, you can consider it a resource you can use while you're shopping for your own billiards table.
5 years ago, I shopped for a billiards table.  I visited a billiards manufacuture on the West Coast.  I poured through pages of information on the internet.  I then went to 2 specialty retailers and asked a bunch of questions and attempted to get the best deal (delivery and set up included).
Use this article as a starting point and then refer back to it and the resources provided.

If you enjoy playing pool at the local bar, then what could be better than having your very own billiards table at home? Your home is the place to relax and enjoy life without having to think about work, so if billiards is your thing then,  it makes sense to have your own pool table.   When you have your own billiards table, you can invite friends over for a few drinks and a few games.  You've also got a place for you kids to hang out with their friends (I like this, because then I know where my kids are).

If you are thinking of getting your own billiards table, the first thing you need to decide is where you will put your table. You'll need enough space, so you don't hit the walls with your pool cue. 
My first billiards room was in our living room.  We didn't have any living room furniture, so we decided that we would get more use out of a pool table than a nice couch and coffee table.  Unfortunately the room wasn't big enough for the pool table, so one corner required use of the short stick at a 60 degree angle.  Not the best scenario, but still better than not having your own billiards table.
The perfect solution is to create a billiards room, where you can create the perfect look, atmosphere, and ambience to complement your billiards table. Of course, having a large home and a room going spare would be ideal, but not many people have this luxury, so the next best thing is to make room. Depending on the size of your home - and your family - you could relegate another room, such as a little-used dining room or even a large basement. A few changes in decor, lighting and furnishings can make this into a perfect billiards room environment.
Wherever you decide to have your billiards room, you need to ensure that it will serve the purpose. You need to have room for your pool table and for necessary accessories that will give your billiards room the right ambience and look. You also need to have room to freely move around, so don't be tempted to go for a room that can just about squeeze in your pool table with very little room for anything else, including the players!
Accessorize, furnish and light it up


The key to the perfect billiards room is to have the right billiards accessories, furniture and lighting as well as a suitable space. You can get some fantastic accessories these days, so you can make your billiards room really individual and unique. You will need to look at the more fundamental accessories as well, such as:
• Cue sticks
• Pool cue racks
• Pool table covers
• Pool table lights
• Other pool table accessories
Other pool table accessories include essentials such as ball racks, table felt, table hooks, chalk and brushes.

How will you enjoy playing with the foosball table if it is easily damaged or if the table is rocking while you are playing?
Aesthetic Impact - Never buy a foosball table just to have something entertaining in your house. It should be a distinct artistic centerpiece in your game room. The style and paint color of the room you are planning to embellish with a foosball table should be given some thought.
In addition to the essential billiards products, you can a wide selection of  furnishings and accessories that are perfect for your billiards room.  I personally like neon clocks.  You might also consider framed photos and even pool coat racks, billiard room signs neon beer signs.
Furniture and sports decor for your billiards room are really a matter of your personal taste. However, I recommend that you stick to the billiards room theme.  There's a variety of billiards room furniture to select from these days.  A few suggestions of items available from include:
• Wooden or metal bar stools
• Spectator chairs or stools
• Pedestal table and chair sets
Check out the blog: billiards and bar stools for ideas.  You can even post questions and leave suggestions.
Coupled with accessories such as billiard prints, neon signs, cue racks, and the other fantastic items available these days, this can give your billiards room just the right appearance to make it the perfect place to relax and hang out.
Billiards is a universally popular game, and people won't fail to be impressed with your fantastic new billiards room. This will be a place where you can get away from it all - no more having to slope off to the local bar for a couple of beers and a game or two; you can simply go to your billiard room and enjoy a game whenever you want to. You could even have a well-stocked mini-fridge in your billiard room filled with beers or soft drinks, so you can enjoy a cold drink as you play a relaxing game of pool.
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Reno Charlton is an experienced freelance copywriter and an award-winning children's author from the United Kingdom. You can read more of her informative articles on pool tables and billiard accessories at

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