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Hanging your own dartboard

The following article talks hanging a dartboard.  If you've just
purchased a new dartboard and are unsure how it is supposed to be hung, there are quite a few answers to this question.  We'll discuss what's regulation.

A dartboard is great game room idea.  I prefer electronic dartboards because they automatically keep score.  It's also a lot safer for younger kids to be playing on an electronic dartboard than with cork and very sharp darts.




Whether you decide to hang your dartboard in a dartboard cabinet or just stick it on the wall, there are a few measurements that what you will need. Most people start with the distance from the floor to the bullseye of the board. Use an accurate measuring tape and not something like your feet (this is what my lazy buddy used to do).  First you will need to measure from the floor up the wall 5 feet, 8 inches. This is the mark where the center of your board will go. It turns out that this is the best height for all players. If the dartboard were any higher, you would have to throw the darts high in the air in order to hit the board.  This reduces accuracy. Ensure you that before you start hammering into your walls that you double check to ensure the measured distance is accurate.

Once the dartboard is hung, I recommend taking a few test shots at it before your buddies come over. To get the accurate distance from the dartboard, take into account the type of darts you have. If you are using steel tip darts, the standard is 7 feet 9 1/4 inches. If you are throwing soft tip darts, then the standard distance is an even 8 feet. Measure one of these two distances twice and then make some sort of mark on the floor.

With a large and easy to see mark or line, you'll easily discourage "cheaters." Now just go and hanve fun in your own game room. 

If you're seeking additional information visit our rec room articles and resources page.  If you're still in market for a dartboard, take a look at our dartboards page.

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