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A game room is more than a room with a bunch of games, it's a place were you can "hang" out with your family and friends and play games, watch TV and have some drinks.  Some people entertain frequently in their game room, while others use their game room as a retreat after a hard day of work. 
Air hockey and billiards tables are very popular.  Another great way to brighten up your game room is with neon.  Show your team spirit with an NFL or MLB neon sign or clock.  Or make your game room look like your neighborhood bar, with a beer themed neon sign.

We like to relax in our rec room, but there's plenty of other people who love to entertain their friends and family in their home game room or rec room.  Although the following article discusses foosball as a center piece to a great game room, there's plenty of other games to consider as your center piece.  Take a look at the game tables and billiards tables available at

Creating a Great Game Room

by Julien Raynal
Making use of a basement space can be a challenge. One of the most popular uses for basements are game rooms. Transforming a drab basement to a livable space entails buying paint for the walls, flooring and appropriate game room furniture. Before you make decisions on the decor, decide which game will act as the focal point of your room; pool table, foosball table, table tennis table or multimedia entertainment center. Renovations to homes today are no longer just about making your home more attractive to home buyers but are aslo done to suit home owners changing lifestyles. Game rooms are gaining in popularity as a remodeling preference. has a very wide selection of wooden foosball tables, billiards tables and dart boards that can provide a lot of fun for you and your friends.   The selection includes the famous Pockey Table (two in one - foosball - air hockey combo table).  They also have multiple FatCat foosball tables from GLD sports.
The focal point of our game room is our billiards table, however, we also have an electronic dartboard and home bar.  In time for the football season, a nice small flat screen wall mounted HDTV will soon add another nice touch our room.
Games rooms used to center around a pool table, but a new game is gaining popularity in homeowners basement; Foosball. In the UK, foosball is called Kicker and is just as popular as it is here in the U.S.. Foosball or table soccer is a game that is played on a table with eight rods and soccer figurines attached to the rods. The rods have handles attached to them too. On each end of foosball table are soccer goals. Each player uses the handles to manipulate their soccer figures to strike the ball into the opponents goal.
The history of foosball is hard to determine but foosball tables have been attributed to Lucien Rosengart.  The rules of foosball are similar to both soccer and football. The object is to score five times in the opponents goals. Each team has control of four rods; first rod is the goal keeper, the next rod has two defenders, the third rod has five figures attached. The five figures are in an offensive position. Standard foosball tables have a playing field that measures 46 inches by 27 inches and sits 34 inches. Foosball has traditionally been played at schools and arcades. Now many homes and even apartments have foosball tables.  Remember on Friends, Chandler and Joey had a foosball table in their apartment.
There is no shortage of foosball tables. There are many world renowned foosball table manufacturers. If you can't afford a new foosball table consider a used table. Craigslist of Ebay are great places to find quality used foosball tables.  I also recommend checking your local paper's classifieds as a source for foosball tables that are in decent condition.  Even used tables in your area are out of your budget range, a search on the internet can find sites that can help you build your own foosball table.
Now that you have your foosball table it is time to start looking for the game room furniture to fill the rest of the room. Draw out the floor plan of your room and divide the room into different sections depending on what areas you want to create; entertainment, bar and foosball area.
I recommend that you consider what you want to get out of your game room.  Who is going to play in your game room?  Will it just be your family or will you have a lot of parties with many friends and families.  This will help you figure out what kind of game room furniture you need. It's a good idea to make sure all the game room furniture you choose blends in with your overall theme. Shopping for game room furniture can be done online from the comfort of your home and offers a huge selection of game room furniture. offers a wide variety of game and billiards tables and dartboards to help you create a great game room.  You can also find discount bar stools, billiards tables and accessories at

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