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Which Dart Board? Bristle vs Electronic Dart Boards

A dart board is a great accessory for any games room or home bar, but how do you decide between getting a bristle or electronic dart board? Why should you go for the traditional bristle dart board vs a nice new electronic board?

The purpose of this article is to provide the reader with information on both types of dart boards, electronic and bristle. Whatever you decide, you want your dart board to provide hours of fun and entertainment for many years. It's great fun to play a game of darts in your own game room.

A good bristle dart board is made from African sisal fibers, which are able to self-heal. Which means that each time darts are removed from the surface there won't be any visible holes from dart tips. A regulation size board is 18 inches in diameter and 1.5 inches thick. Features you should seek include, rotating wire numbers, which help prolong the life of a board and a staple free bulls eye wire, which will help to prevent bounce-outs. Don't forget that in order to play on a bristle dartboard, you have to use steel tip darts.

Dartboards can be mounted onto a backboard, wall or for the best look in your recroom, they should go in a dartboard cabinet. The cabinet will not only hide the dartboard when it's not in use, but most importantly, it protect's the walls from being hit by mis-thrown darts.

Electronic dart boards are becoming increasingly popular both in bars and in home game rooms . These dart boards allow for automatic scoring, score displays for multiple players and a large selection of different games. Arachnid now offers talking dartboards that harass the players if they make bad shots. Electronic dartboards require use of soft tip darts. This is nice because they are safer for younger members of the family. Most electronic boards allow for play against the computer. This is an excellent way to practice your dart throwing skills.

Which dartboard you choose is dependent on your needs and expectations. I think that the electronic boards are best, because the entire family can easily play, many games. There are other factors to consider though, such as the look of your dart board and how it will match your game room. We'll discuss the different styles in a different article.

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