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If you think game tables are only found in Vegas, you're not familiar with the wide variety of game tables used for the home. From checkers to poker, there is a large variety of game tables used for the home to choose from. These game tables come in all shapes and sizes, from the smallest of the small to the largest of the large. Finding the game table that's right for you is just a matter of assessing your individual needs.

The smallest of all game tables used for the home are the two-person checker/chess game tables. These game tables often feature checkers or chess boards and they have storage compartments to hold the game pieces. If you or one of your family members is an avid chess or checkers fan, one of these game tables will probably serve your needs very well.

Another variety of game tables used for the home are the game tables that resemble sofa tables. In fact, sofa tables were actually used for game storage early on in their history. While these game tables are larger than the chess and checker game tables used for the home, they are not as big as the next variety of game tables we'll be discussing.

Some of the largest and most magnificent game tables used for the home look like finely-crafted dinette sets at first glance, but take a closer look and the top of the table flips over to reveal a felt gaming surface, cup holders and places for poker chips. This variety of game tables used for the home does not come cheap. Expect to spend at least one-thousand dollars for a quality game table of this nature.

In general, game tables used for the home run anywhere between one-hundred dollars to two-thousand dollars or more. It really all depends on what you want to use the table for and how extravagant you want the table to be.

No matter which of the game tables used for the home you purchase, remember that the investment you make will provide you with years of fun and entertainment.

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