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How many bull's-eyes are painted on your back? Actually, there are probably so many on you, they would have to cover your whole body, not just your back. What am I talking about? Targeting.It's important in business that you target the right kind of people for marketing your product or opportunity, right? Well, have you ever wondered how many others out there have their sites on you?

Sometimes I think the Internet is like a big game of darts, only the object of the game is simply to hit the board, nothing else. When you do hit the board, you get points, and those points translate into dollars. Sounds simple, right? It would be, except there are 30 million people constantly throwing darts at the same time. Darts are flying everywhere, bouncing off each other, sticking into everything, and the sheer numbers of them completely blank out any view of the board. Consequently, there is an area about 100 feet in diameter that is covered in darts. Few people really know where the board actually is, and fewer still have ever seen the bull's-eye.

So, what happens? Well, with no one really knowing where to shoot anymore, they try the following three tactics.

1. They throw blindly, hoping to hit eventually.
2. They recruit others to throw on their behalf, thereby
increasing the total number thrown and the chances of hitting the mark.
3. They forget throwing, and begin to sell darts, "how to throw darts" manuals, and maps of where to find the board to those still convinced that throwing is worth the effort.

All this leaves me to wonder, does anyone out there really know what we all started throwing darts at to begin with?

And where do people get the 'maps to the dart board' if they haven't seen it themselves?

So basically what we have is people that have never thrown darts, or have given up throwing darts, selling information on how to throw darts to those still throwing darts. Plus those throwing darts are acting blindly on the information they buy, and recruiting others to throw blindly along with them?

Well, I don't know about you, but it seems that no matter what your dart throwing tactics are, you still not guaranteed to hit anything simply because of the sheer numbers of competitors. So what's my advice on the matter? Simple. Put up another dart board, and charge people to throw at it. In other words, think beyond the regular game. Innovate. Create. Re-think. You can't always repeat others success if their success still dominates the market.

Learn the principles and then re-define them to work with your own plans.

Joe Bingham, Editor of the NetPlay Newsletters
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